Troubleshooting iCal feed issues

Looking for how to subscribe to Judici's calendar feeds? 

Judici feeds comply with the iCalendar standard.  We have even successfully validated our ical link URLs using an independent icalendar feed validation tool, but there are too many calendaring tools and devices for us to test/troubleshoot issues with all of them, we will use this page to provide information on any issues with the most common calendaring tools.

If clicking on the green ICAL button doesn't work

Most tools have a way to manually subscribe to a calendar  The process varies in different tools, so check out "Option 2" in this section [under conversion] of our user guide for guidance on some of the more popular tools.

If you are using Google's web calendar or an Android device which uses Google's calendar, and it isn't successfully parsing/processing the feed

Posted: 6/9/2015

The issue: Our iCalendar feeds include a list of the "Attendees" (attorneys, litigants, etc).  Google does not comply with the iCalendar standard in that they require that attendee data include e-mail address, which Judici doesn't always have.  Worse yet, they require that any e-mail address we do supply be in your e-mail contact list!  Neither of these requirements is part of the iCalendar standard.  But because Google and Android are common calendar tools, we have developed the following workaround for subscribing to Judici calendars using the affected tools.  Unfortunately, they only way to solve this problem was to make a different iCalendar feed which omits the attendee information.  Here is how you can access that feed: