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Have any of these problems with Courtlook?

These are all caused by a mismatch between your Judici user information and a particular court's records.

What can you do to fix the problem?

The simplest way to get things working is to just contact us using the e-mail address on your Judici account, and let us sort it out.  In a hurry?  Try the following troubleshooting steps:

Does Judici know that you're an attorney?  Check the user information page to see that your Type of Business is "Attorney".  If not, contact us using the e-mail address shown on your account  and we can make the necessary change.

Does Judici have your correct ARDC attorney registration number (ARN) and e-mail address?  Check the user information page, and update if necessary.

Does the court have the same ARN and e-mail address as Judici?  If your Judici user information matches what the court has, the attorney status page will as indicate this by green checkmarks.  If the court isn't listed on the status page, it means that neither of these data items matches.

Can you see documents on some cases, but not others?  This probably means that you're not listed as the attorney of record on some of your cases.  Online documents are only available to attorneys representing someone on the case(s), due to Illinois Supreme Court policy.   Contact the court to see how get added to the case.

Case Watch issues

Judici's Case Watch service lets you subscribe to receive automatic e-mails whenever the court adds/modifies info on a case. As of Fall 2016, the per-case fee for Case Watch subscriptions is waived for all Courtlook subscribers. See here [under conversion] for more on this.

When I subscribed to a case, the charges weren't waived

You probably don't have a Courtlook subscription.  Check the Service tab to see if your subscription is for some other service(s).

I don't think I'm getting the e-mails