How to Understand Material on Judici - Part 3: Fines & Fees

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Originally published May 12th, 2008 on The East Central Illinois Criminal Law & DUI Weblog

By: Jeremy Richey

A helpful feature on Judici for a defendant is the fines-and-fees feature. This feature allows a defendant to see how much money he still owes on a case. (After pulling up a case on Judici, the “Fines & Fees” link appears towards the top of the page. Click that link.)

The most important information on the fines-and-fees page is the total line. That line shows the total due, the total paid, and the balance owed. There is a bunch of other information on this page, but most of it is not likely to be important to a defendant. (This other information shows how the court costs break down.) One line, besides the total line, that a defendant might want to pay attention to is the line for probation fees, which vary from case to case.

Probation fees are in addition to the fine and court costs a defendant must pay. In many cases, there are no probation fees and this line will not be present.