How to Understand Material on Judici - Part 2: Docket/History Entries

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Originally published May 8th, 2008 on The East Central Illinois Criminal Law & DUI Weblog

By: Jeremy Richey

On Judici, you can find clerk docket entries by clicking the “history” link after you have pulled up a case.  The history section can be a bit mysterious if you don’t understand the jargon and acronyms used. In this post, you will become familiar with some of the more common acronyms and words used in criminal cases on Judici, but, by no means is this an exhaustive discussion of terms that you might encounter.

In this segment, I have posted a clerk docket entry (modified from a real misdemeanor case) and provided commentary on it. Please note that I have added numbers inside brackets (for example, [1]) in the below material — my commentary follows and corresponds with the inserted numbers. [Cnv- table]