If you want your e-mail correspondence from Judici and from the court to go to different e-mail address

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If you are not an attorney, you can always change the e-mail address associated with your account, using the User Infomation tab

If you are an attorney
, the e-mail on your account has to be yours, because Illinois Supreme Court policy limits online access to the attorneys of record and litigants on the case. This effectively means that all correspondence from the court and Judici will go to a unique e-mail address associated with the attorney. Judici has an item on our development road map to allow the attorney to authorize an additional address to receive e-mail correspondence. 

In the meantime, you can use your e-mail tool to create a forwarding rule which sends all such incoming e-mail from a Clerk or Judici e-mail address to another address

How you create a forwarding rule varies depending on the e-mail tool you use.  We recommend you check the help/support for your tool, but here a re a few links you may find useful:

The incoming address you'll be forwarding depends on how the court configures their CMS- it could come from a court address or from a Judici address. So you'll need to note the "From" address on any e-mail from the court or Judici.com.