Courtlook sign-up instructions

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For judges and attorneys, the power of Courtlook comes from connecting them with the cases they're associated with in Judici courts. This requires that Judici and the courts have the same attorney registration number (ARDC) and e-mail address on file. 

Complete the following to assure yourself of the best possible Judici Courtlook experience:

Step 1: Sign up.
  1. Go to the Courtlook Premium Services page.
    • Note: The fees shown are waived for judges
  2. Click the button to subscribe.
  3. Review/accept the relevant agreements and policies.
  4. If you already have a Judici account because you previously subscribed to a Judici service, log in to your account using your e-mail address or User ID, and proceed.  Otherwise, please register.
  5. When registering, the following are critical to ensuring that you get access to attorney features such as case file document access:
    1. Type of Business:
      • Attorneys must use "Attorney" (not "Legal")
      • Judges must use "Judicial"
    2. Provide your ARDC and current e-mail address. These must be the same as that registered with each court in which you practice.
  6. Verify your order and proceed. If you are a judge who has already been set up by the Circuit Clerk, you will skip the next step (payment).
  7. Submit your payment information, if required.
  8. Confirm your order.
Step 2: Go to your account user information page to double-check that the information referenced in Step 6 is correct. If it isn't, you will not have access to some of Courtlook's key features (e.g. case file document access). If it's wrong, either fix it or contact us using the e-mail address on your Judici account for help.

Step 3: Contact the courts in which you are active and confirm they have your correct ARDC and current e-mail address in their systems.