Courtlook sign-up instructions [under conversion]

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For judges and attorneys, the power of Courtlook comes from connecting them with the cases they're associated with in Judici courts. This requires that Judici and the courts have the same attorney registration number (ARDC) and e-mail address on file. 

Complete the following to assure yourself of the best possible Judici Courtlook experience:

Step 1: Sign up.
  1. Go to the Courtlook Premium Services page. [Cnv- link]
    1. From Judici home page, click PREMIUM SERVICES at top
    2. Click the Courtlook: section header.
    3. Click the "Subscribe Now" button.
    4. Click the "Continue" button in the Shopping Cart at left.
  2. Review/accept the relevant agreements and policies.
    1. Click the "I Agree" button at bottom.
  3. Click the "Proceed with Order" button.
    1. Costs shown will be waived for judges set up for a free subscription by their Circuit Clerk.
  4. Click the "Register" button --unless you already have a Judici account, in which case, log in to review your settings.
  5. Complete the required fields. Note in particular:
    1. Type of Business:
      • Judges must use "Judicial"
      • Attorneys must use "Attorney" (not "Legal")
        • State's Attorneys in participating courts must use "State's Attorney"
        • Public Defenders in participating courts must use "Public Defender"
        • NOTE: Public Defenders and State's Attorneys must reach out to Judici Support through the Contacts Page and provide their ARDC if not prompted for it during registration. [Cnv- link]
      • Probation Officers must use "Probation Officer, State"
      • Court staff must select "Court"
    2. Your ARN (ARDC) and e-mail address must match the info on file at each of your courts.
  6. Verify your information, and click the "Submit Information" button. 
    1. Authorized users set up by a Circuit Clerk for a free subscription are finished. [Cnv- link, but link is empty]
    2. Others must click the "Proceed with Order" button to process payment.
  7. Submit your payment information.
  8. Click the "Confirm" button at bottom to complete your order.
Step 2: Verify your account information.
    1. Go to your account user information [Cnv- link] page to confirm that your information is correct. If it isn't, you will not have access to some of Courtlook's key features (e.g. case file document access). If your info is wrong, fix it or contact Judici [Cnv- link] with the e-mail address on your Judici account for help.

Step 3: Contact the courts in which you preside/practice to confirm your ARDC and e-mail address are correctly recorded in their systems.