Local rules and other court-specific terms

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Local rules indicate things such as which case types and/or subtypes eligible for e-filing, filing types prohibited for e-filing,  failure procedures, and how to add other attorneys in your firm to your cases.

Cost- the table below indicates one of the following:

  • Subscription-  a fee is charged to share the cost of e-filing with the filers who benefit from the service (see e-filing subscription information
  • Fees waived- the court waives Judici E-Filing subscription fees to offer access at no cost to filers
Other setup instructions- court-specific details, such as how to fund a filing fee pay-down account.

 CircuitCounty E-Filing started
Local rulesCostOther setup instructions 
 download Subscription
 Marion  9/2015Avail. here
 Fees waived
 Avail. here
 Fees waived view
 SixthMoultrie 7/2014Avail. here