Signing up for Judici E-Filing

KB article ID:400 (permalink)- E-business registration and local rules

Coming soon in 2017, Judici will complete integration with the EFileIL e-filing network for access to other courts. 

In the meantime you can:
  • Get a subscription to our optional  Courtlook service, which provides numerous value-add services unrelated to e-filing. Visit for more information.
  • Sign up in our operational, pre-EFileIL counties (Clinton, Marion, Montgomery and Moultrie), by following these steps.

Step 1: Provide the court a signed Attorney E-business Registration Form

Please allow a few days for the court to process this registration form so that you can begin e-filing. Your ARDC attorney registration number (ARN) and e-mail address must be registered with the court in order to e-file in a court.  This information makes it possible to link a account to your profile in the court’s system, so we know which cases you can work with. 

Step 2: Sign up here

Step 3: Review the local rules and other court-specific terms

Step 4: Having problems?

If you can't see some or all of your cases on the My Cases page after you do all of the above?  Check out our troubleshooting page... or just contact us using the e-mail address on your Judici account.