Judge/attorney signup for Courtlook

Available from subscribersupport.judici.com/2200

Step 1: Go to the Courtlook Premium Services page.  

Step 2: Click the button to subscribe.

Step 3: If you do not wish to acquire any Judici services beside Courtlook, review your shopping cart and click the button to continue.

Step 4: Review/accept the relevant agreements and policies.

Step 5: If you already have a Judici account because you previously subscribed to Judici (to get Courtlook or some other service), log in to your account, and proceed to Step 7. Otherwise, you need to register.

Step 6: Provide your registration information. Make sure to do the following, or you will only get the same access as the general public rather than all of the power of Courtlook (e.g. case file document access):

  • Type of Business: 
    • Attorneys must use "Attorney" (not "Legal").  
    • Judges must use "Judicial".   
  • Provide your attorney registration number (ARN) and current e-mail address (must be the same as that registered with the courts in which you practice)

Step 7: Verify your order and proceed. If you are a judge, and your Circuit Clerk did their advance setup for judge Courtlook access, you should be skipped ahead to Step 9.

Step 8: Submit your payment information.

Step 9: Confirm your order. You will then see a confirmation page for the completed transaction.

Step 10: Log in to your Judici account and confirm that the information referenced in Step 6 is correct. 

  • If it is incorrect, you will not have access to Courtlook's features (e.g. case file document access), so you should fix it. Or contact Judici using the e-mail address on your account, and we will fix it.