Setup and troubleshooting for attending a webinar

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  1. Use this link to get instructions on how to get set up for the webinar.  If you need Adobe Flash, it is available from
  2. Use this link from the computer on which you plan to attend, to run a system test to make sure that you are actually set up correctly.

To join the meeting

We suggest that you join the meeting 15 minutes early, just in case you need to troubleshoot a problem.

  1. From a computer (not a smartphone due to screen size), open one of the e-mails about the meeting.  
  2. Select the option to join the meeting  online.  Please do not join by smartphone- phone screens are simply too small.
  3. When offered the choice of participating in the audio by telephone or using your computer's microphone and speakers, please use the telephone.  That way, you don't have to worry about issues with your computer's audio.
  4. Having problems?  Check out the troubleshooting page.

During the meeting

How to ask a question when all attendees are muted- use the chat feature to request that you be unmuted.  When the presenter is ready for your question, they will promote you to presenter and unmute you.  Afterwards, you will be demoted from Presenter status and muted again.