Services for Law Office Admin Staff

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A Judici Courtlook subscription offers law office administrative staff features not available on the court’s public access pages, including:
  • iCalendar feeds of hearing schedules into Outlook and other calendaring tools, for one or more attorneys
  • E-mail notifications of case changes
  • Multicourt searching to research potential clients or witnesses
  • 24/7 case file document access in participating courts (available to admin staff with access to an account registered to an attorney)

  • Administrative staff Courtlook subscriptions can be setup to pull calendars, case lists, and schedules for one or more attorneys. 
  • Complete case file document access require an attorney-registered account. Attorney accounts require their ARDC and current email address. This links their account to all of their cases, in all of the courts in which they practice --given their info matches that at each of their courts. With attorney approval, administrative staff can sign in (or even sign up for an account) as their attorney. Each attorney requires their own account. 
  • Judici email to attorneys can include e-service, as well as case change notifications. As such, admin staff may find it desirable to receive those emails on behalf of one or more of their attorneys. We recommend establishing email forwarding rules for the relevant emails (which is out of our scope). Please check with your IT.