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Judici offers judges more than just public access to case info and dockets. Using your attorney registration number (ARDC) and email address, a Judici login/account can be linked to all of your cases, in all of the courts where you preside. This enables a unique set of features and services, including:
  • 24/7 access to your case files
  • iCalendar feeds to sync with your office calendars in Outlook and other calendaring tools
  • E-mail notification of case changes
Judges can also use Judici for multicourt searches, which can provide useful information (for arraignments, etc).

See our printer friendly Judge Services Fact Sheet for more. [link not found before conversion]
  • Judges and their staff can also have access to additional tools by using PC JIMS at the court: see PC JIMS for Judges... for more on this. [link 404's before conversion]
Getting started
Contact a Circuit Clerk in a Judici county in your circuit, and they can get you set up.  They can even make your Judici account if you don't already have one.  If you hear cases in other Judici courts, just give them your e-mail address and attorney registration number, and they can grant you access to your caseload in that court as well.

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